Waste disposal and treatment plants


The treatment plants and disposal of the Group are managed by the various companies of the holding: Linea Ambiente, Linea Energia, Linea Gestioni, Linea Reti e Impianti, Lomellina Energia, Greenambiente

In general, through its companies LGH deals with the operative and post-operative management of urban waste as well as non-hazardous special waste landfills: from the collection to the documentary management, from screening of the environmental gauges to ICT management, to relations with Corporations. This is an integrated management which involves a disposal trend in LGH-owned and third parties plants for 1 million ton. per year.  


Society Plant
Linea Ambiente Landfill in Rovato (BS)
 Landfill in Grottaglie (TA)
Waste sorting plant in Fombio (LO)
Waste sorting plant in Coccaglio (BS)
Greenambiente Landfill in Augusta (SR)
Linea Reti e Impianti Landfill in Malagnino (CR)
Waste-to-Energy plant in Cremona (CR)
Lomellina Energia Waste-to-Energy plant in Parona (PV)
Linea Energia

Wood Biomass plant in Cremona (CR)

Wood Biomass pant in Rodengo Saiano (BS)

Linea Gestioni Chemical/Fisical treatment plant in Crema (CR)